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How do you pronounce it ?

We say 'zez-co'.

What's Xezco ?

The ideas behind Xezco are that:
Project Management and Market Analysis should come in Plain English not jargon.
Information Technology should make life easier and help protect natural resources.
The company goals are to develop and market innovative gadgets and software, with the emphasis on products which help the whole range of consumers taking into account their differing needs and abilities.

Xezco was formed by Ray (a literate Electronics Engineer turned entrepreneurial MD) and Irene (a programmer turned Financial Controller) after they had run (and sold!) a highly successful IT Services business in Durham for 20+ years.

What are we good at ?

  • Careful and realistic analysis of markets and business ideas, based on decades spent running SMEs
  • Innovation - without wasting time or money
  • Electronics design for rapid product development
  • Software design, engineering and programming
  • User interface and 'Real-World' interface design
  • Customer support and service development

How do we do it ?

We base our work on the Outcome Driven Innovation method . This relies on rigorous analysis of the range of jobs which a service, project or product does for the client. If we can completely understand each job - whether it fulfils a practical or an emotional need -  then we can define what is for the customer a perfect execution of that job, and design the system to deliver just that.

This approach, properly applied, has been shown to yield an 86% success rate (versus a 70% - 90% failure rate for projects, products or services developed using alternative or no methodology).

If we don't know the answer ?

Then we know someone who does, and we're not afraid to ask!

And the outcome is ...

That our ideas, designs and products can be understood by your granny. If she can't use what we have produced, it's not finished.

What do we do for free ?

Ray represents the interests of Consumers and the Public in a specialist committee of the British Standards Institution. This sets standards to protect people against harm from electromagnetic fields like the signals from mobile phones, or the radiation from overhead power lines.

Our interesting sideline:

Want to stay in Durham, but maybe not a hotel ?

Try our Moonlight and Oasis Apartments, 5-star rated and reviewed as 'Excellent' on TripAdvisor.

Here's who to talk to: Ray Broadbridge

  Tel 0191 378 7651  or  0794 439 2971


  Xezco Limited reg in UK no 7514820
  Flass Hall, Esh Winning, DURHAM, DH7 9QD, UK